Table tennis club Quakenbrück is happy about a new sponsor

20 December, 2017 | A ball, two rackets, a table with net: More is not necessary to promote fitness and health and at the same time make social contacts with fun. That’s why the table tennis department of the QSC99 in Quakenbrück brings young and old together three times a week and successfully participates in various leagues. From now on, the club is also happy about a new sponsor from the region.

Since the film “Forrest Gump” at the latest, table tennis has gained enthusiasm among all age groups. This sport, which is now considered a competitive sport and also produces world championships, trains both body and mind. The almost meditative focusing of the ball during play actively promotes motor skills, reaction and coordination as well as concentration. Philipp Kesse, head of the regional table tennis club of QSC99 in Quakenbrück, is aware of this and is therefore pleased about the steady growth of the club and the regular training sessions. “Table tennis is my passion. Besides body and mind, it also promotes social interaction and makes no distinction between age groups or nationalities. This sport unites young and old, brings fun and in addition you do something good for your body,” says Kesse. From now on the table tennis club can also look forward to a new regional sponsor. The software company SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH from Quakenbrück sponsors new jerseys for the entire team, with which the team will now start into the next seasons. “We are very grateful to have won the SLA as official sponsor for the QSC99 Table Tennis Department. The new jerseys look great and motivate our team even more”, Kesse is pleased. SLA enthusiastically supports regional and social projects: “We are happy to be able to give the players pleasure and wish the teams much success for the season,” says SLA Managing Director Jörg Brezl.

SLA_PM_Sponsoring Tischtennisverein Quakenbrück

Image rights: SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH, Quakenbrück.

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