Software, the steam engine of the digital transformation!

15 January, 2018 | The demand for higher productivity with consistent quality is steadily increasing in the meat industry. The reason: the increasingly dynamic market as a result of digital change. SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH knows the current requirements of meat processing companies and develops future-proof industry solutions that adapt to these same standards. Always in view: the cost-effectiveness, the high degree of automation and the increasingly fierce international competition.

PM_SLA_Dampfmaschine der Digitalisierung

Software, the steam engine of digital transformation!

Digitalization and its requirements do not stop at the food industry and increasingly present companies with new challenges: Networking of production and logistics, complete process integration, transparency and traceability are just a few of them. Many companies are still reluctant to take the step towards a digital investment. Sometimes for the reason that they do not yet have any ideas for implementation. Machines that communicate with each other, that run completely automatically and information that is available at all times and everywhere along various process steps – this seems to be a long way off for some companies. But if you don’t go along now, you fall by the wayside in digital change and lose your competitiveness. “Think of a former market leader in mobile communications. It was almost inconceivable for the company that smartphones would be available in the future that could be operated via touch display – and so the switch to new technologies was initially ignored,” says Jörg Brezl, CEO of the SLA, “They followed suit too late and could no longer keep up in the competitive smartphone market. SLA supports food producers with modern IT solutions in networking and integrating all processes into the existing system. The SLA Connector proves to be a true communication talent and connects automation solutions, robotics and machines as well as industrial peripherals from the shop floor to the top floor to any ERP system, independent of manufacturer and in real time. “In the production of the future, it will become increasingly important to fully exploit the efficiency of processes. Software plays a key role in this,” says Brezl. Using intelligent software, entire production lines can be automated from goods receipt to dispatch, including logistics processes. Tamper-proof collection and fixed provision of all data, streamlined processes and complete traceability of all product components create competitive advantages in a dynamic market.

SLA – Customer-oriented. Personal. Always there for you. Simply closer!

With RFID and robotics integration, mobile apps, our unique connector and other software and hardware solutions for process optimization, we make manufacturing companies fit for the automation chain of the future. In the age of Industry 4.0 we have made it our challenge to accompany companies on their way into the digital transformation. More than 250 well-known companies worldwide are among our satisfied customers. Simply closer – Our claim not only stands for proximity to our customers, but also reflects the close and respectful interaction within our team. Together we are always at the pulse of time and constantly adapt our products to current requirements.

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