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BFD-100: Digital TVC measurement now available with ERP interface

11.10.2018 | With last year’s introduction of the BFD-100, FreshDetect GmbH boasts the world’s first portable measurement device capable of detecting the total viable count (TVC) in meat within seconds. In a joint effort with SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH, the company has made another step in the direction of digitalized production. As of today, the fluorescence spectroscopy measurement results can be automatically integrated into any existing ERP system in real-time, providing significant benefits with respect to costs, food quality and consumer protection.

“Having information about the TVC improves food quality over the long term,” explains Dr. Christoph Wienken, Managing Director of FreshDetect GmbH. “The BFD-100 is a milestone in food quality. Companies no longer have to wait days for the lab results. Instead, they can capture and analyze the results of the meat quality measurements in-house within a matter of seconds.” By capturing the data along every step of the manufacturing chain, the BFD-100 portable measurement device ensures a rapid and safe way to control food quality. Whether at the receiving, slaughtering or shipping point, all of the key parameters can be captured and stored securely, without the risk of manipulation, within just a few seconds.

With the BFD-100 and the FD Connector, companies can measure the TVC with seconds and integrate the results into existing ERP systems.

With the BFD-100 and the FD Connector, companies can measure the TVC with seconds and integrate the results into existing ERP systems.

FD Connector delivers data to the ERP system and smartphone

The partnership between FreshDetect GmbH and SLA GmbH marks the next logical step in the development of the BFD-100. The FD Connector co-developed by the two companies now provides a way to integrate the measurement results from every step of the process chain into existing ERP systems in real-time. Apart from the aspect of secure and rapid data collection, users are also focused on around-the-clock availability of the data. “In these days of constant data flows, companies need intelligent systems that can make the measurement data quick and easy to analyze, especially at the relevant decision points,” says Jörg Brezl, CEO of SLA GmbH. The next logical step is thus using the combination of the BFD-100 and FD Connector so that users can retrieve and visualize all of the data with browser technology from any place in the world and with any type of end user device, such as a handheld or a smartphone. This allows quality assurance managers and decision makers to respond as needed to improve the hygiene conditions across the entire manufacturing chain. Jörg Brezl: “This partnership not only creates transparency along the entire process chain and improves food safety for consumers, it also provides an ideal basis for making decisions at the business level.”

Last but not least, this joint development effort can be viewed as an important step toward digitalization of the manufacturing process, and thus to more intelligent and ideally harmonized processes. It will furthermore lead to better quality and lower costs – a win for manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike.

About FreshDetect GmbH

FreshDetect GmbH, based in Pullach near Munich, develops and markets innovative measurement devices and solutions for rapid and close quality control in the food industry. The FreshDetect employees, experts in the field of spectroscopic measurement methods and microbiology, boast many years of experience in food technology and in the processing of microbiological data. With the freshdetect BFD-100, the company introduced the first portable device for determining bacterial contamination in meat to the market.

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About SLA Software Logistik Artland GmbH

With RFID and robotics integration, mobile apps, the unique SLA Connector and other software and hardware solutions designed for process optimization, the SLA team successfully guides manufacturing companies on the path to digitalization. In the Industry 4.0 era, SLA set out to intelligently link its customers’ processes in order to design the production and logistic systems with the utmost degree of cost effectiveness and flexibility. Apart from its professional methods and state-of-the-art technologies, SLA ensures the satisfaction of its more than 250 customers around the world with a distinct focus on quality and service.

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