EGG – Marketing

Penny pinchers with eggs!

SLA_Ei_Vermarktung_bYour customers are used to high quality for your egg products. But we don’t just support you in the provision of a quality guarantee; we also have the appropriate software to make commercial success possible.

Our ERP-Office Egg contains all the functions needed for the efficient and successful marketing of eggs and egg products.

Typical industry requirements are perfectly satisfied: billing and order management with four decimal places in the cent range are a matter of course, as is order processing in both units and kilograms. You want more? Reap the benefits of the integrated KAT interface or the management of Haugh units.

From freely defined pack sizes and repacking to integrated tour planning and drop shipments; from a range of price categories and contact management to quotation-based pricing with rapid telephone-based ordering, you will find everything that is needed to simplify your business. And at the same time, you do not lose site of what is happening, thanks to professional analytics and the integration of business intelligence functionality.




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