Alexander Brauwers

BI Manager at SLA and Qlik Expert

I am your man for professional data generation, data analysis and data transparency in food production. Business Intelligence is my passion. Coupled with industry know-how and 25 years of experience in the IT sector, I know exactly what it takes to make processes in the food industry more transparent and to drive forward effectiveness and efficiency.

On this platform I would like to inform you regularly about live webinars and with our short videos about the topics Business Intelligence, Process Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. And about our product BITSTOBIZ, which offers unlimited analysis possibilities in the form of real-time cockpits and in various steps of the
value chain offers.

So, stay informed and get inspired. Together we can realize your next digital project.

Next free webinar:

BI in der Lebensmittelindustrie - typische Fragestellungen

Erfahre in nur 60 Minuten, wie Business Intelligence in der Lebensmittelindustrie die Abteilungen zusammenführt, alltägliche Herausforderungen bewältigt und ein Universum voller Analysemöglichkeiten eröffnet!

Am 06.12.2023 von 10-11 Uhr


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Erfahre in unseren Shorts kurz & knapp die Funktionen, Highlights und Vorteile unserer BITSTOBIZ Cockpits.


What is the price for a BITSTOBIZ starter set and what do I get for it?
The price starts at 5.000,- EUR (with existing SLA system) and varies for third party systems depending on the agreement. The starter set includes 2 days of training and 2 licenses. Based on your own data pot and the initial setup into our modern cloud technology, a basic analysis of your choice will be performed.
How secure is my data in the cloud?
We rely on Qlik's state-of-the-art security technology. All data is double encrypted and stored locally on a server in Frankfurt (Germany). Our solution complies with the highest security level and is DSGVO-compliant.
How does data integration work?
Data integration is performed via a configuration-driven and multi-client ETL process.
Do I already have to be an SLA customer to integrate the BITSTOBIZ Cockpits?
No, we can also act completely SLA-independent. Our cockpits can be integrated into any and all existing systems.
Can I always rely 100% on the AI forecasts?
The process of artificial intelligence is always an approximation. A 100 percent hit rate is therefore not feasible. However, with our proven AI solutions, we already get a hit rate of 90-99% - depending on the topic.
How long have you been involved with the topic of artificial intelligence?
We have been working on AI since 2020 and on business intelligence since 2012.
Which cockpit should I start with? Which one will bring me the most benefit?
That depends entirely on your project and your goals. Ideally, we start with a joint workshop to discuss your topics and requirements in detail. Or we recommend current "cutting-edge" topics and show you all the advantages of the respective cockpit. At the beginning, we always like to recommend the starter set as well, because it offers a comprehensive insight into our BI portfolio. After that, you can better shape the process.
Are the cockpits ready-made solutions or can they be customized?
We see our cockpits as a starting point for further developments. The development can be done by SLA, by you (after appropriate enablement) or jointly. We can also develop requirements that have not yet been met by one of our cockpits.
How does a project like this actually work?
The analysis projects we tackle do not take place like "normal" software projects, but in a highly agile manner and in close coordination with our customer. For example, there are coordination meetings every two weeks at the latest. Concepts are always short concepts, which are finalized together in a call with our customer. There is no concept tennis. Why? Because Qlik is a WYSIWYG software.
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