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Flexible ERP solutions for the food industry

An ERP system that knows what’s important to you

The ERP solution from SLA for food production is extremely flexible: Thanks to individual modules, the system can be adapted entirely to your individual needs. So you only use the functions you really need. Our ERP system gives you the opportunity to compile and analyze all the business data relevant to you in all areas and to use it as a basis for decision-making.


Among other things, these functions are available:

  • Complete shopfloor integration
  • Complete warehouse and distribution logistics
  • Complete purchasing process - with all data supplied by the distributor to the company
  • Complete sales processing - as a basis for all data leaving the company, including picking and delivery of goods
  • Complete connection of classification systems goods receipt/goods removal
  • Production planning, calculation
  • Quality inspections during production
  • Batch Management with consideration of the BBDs
  • Recipe management
  • Warehouse management
  • Empties management
  • Individual label printing
  • Route planning
  • Own fully integrated archive system

The ERP solution from SLA integrates itself into the existing structures of your company.
If, for example, you already have other ERP systems in use, it can easily record communications with them. It also offers the complete integration of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).


Professional evaluations with QlikView

The full integration of QlikView also allows you to make a variety of evaluations, which you can use to make secure decisions:


  • The integration of QlikView enables you to capture, analyze, and use all business data from all areas as a basis for decision-making without duplication of effort.
  • With its in-memory technology, the tool enables professional, flexible and unique evaluation options and offers an immediate overview of all business information through clear, easy-to-use diagrams, graphs and graphical tables.
  • You always have an overview of the actual amounts and values as a basis for maximum efficiency of your company.
  • With just a few clicks, you can quickly create these evaluations yourself - wherever you are at the moment.
  • The solution can also be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Production overview and evaluation (e.g. ratio of incoming and outgoing goods)
  • Fast analysis and traceability of the causes of faulty batches
  • Determination of the contribution margin (e.g. comparison between purchase and sales value of goods)
  • Warehouse overview and evaluation (incl. determination of stock value)

ERP Office Meat:

The ERP Solution especially for the meat industry

The ERP system from SLA also exists as a ready-made version tailored to the specific needs of the meat processing industry:


  • Mapping and tracing of the whole production process of pigs and cattle (slaughtering, cutting and further production steps)
  • Capturing of all data: delivery, stable management including documentation of live animal inspection and compliance with rest periods
  • Registration of the delivery note data before delivery and supplementation with additional data such as producer identification, information from Salmonella databases and the QS system
  • All information will be linked to the respective slaughtering number
  • Capture of delivery note and ramp detection
  • Sender registration and assignment
  • Assignment of killing box and ear tag
  • Veterinary findings and processing
  • Sample management (Salmonella, BSE, etc.)
  • Internal commercial class management / customer sorting
  • Cold store control: Fully automated infeeding and outfeeding based on freely definable criteria
  • Connection of all peripheral devices (e.g. scales, label printers, mobile scanners, mobile apps) via the SLA Connector
  • Complete purchase processing incl. calculation FOM and AutoFOM
  • The entire purchasing process, including the payment of live animals to the respective farms, is also fully integrated

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