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Flexible ERP solutions for the food industry

An ERP system that knows what’s important to you

SLA's ERP solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of food producers. The meat industry, producers of egg and egg products, fruit and vegetable producers, etc. - they are all required to produce ever more transparently and at the same time more efficiently while complying with numerous regulations. SLA's ERP solution helps you to securely control business processes and to compile and analyze relevant business data from all areas. Thanks to individual modules, the ERP solution adapts completely to your individual requirements of each industry and you only use the functions that you really need. 



Among other things, these functions are available:

  • Complete shopfloor integration
  • Complete warehouse and distribution logistics
  • Complete purchasing process - with all data supplied by the distributor to the company
  • Complete sales processing - as a basis for all data leaving the company, including picking and delivery of goods
  • Complete connection of classification systems goods receipt/goods removal
  • Production planning, calculation
  • Quality inspections during production
  • Batch Management with consideration of the BBDs
  • Recipe management
  • Warehouse management
  • Empties management
  • Individual label printing
  • Route planning
  • Own fully integrated archive system

The ERP solution from SLA integrates itself into the existing structures of your company.
If, for example, you already have other ERP systems in use, it can easily record communications with them. It also offers the complete integration of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook). In the following, we present our ERP functions for the meat, egg, fruit and vegetable sectors as examples.


ERP Office Meat

Meat - whether beef, pork or poultry - is a promise of quality to the trade and the consumer. Our ERP system is modular and contains modules in the area of cattle and pork slaughtering. In the meat industry, it maps the entire process from slaughtering and cutting, through processing and packaging, to the retailer's refrigerated shelves. And it does so in such a way that all process steps can be traced back in detail.


Functions geared to the meat industry (excerpt)

  • Mapping and tracing of the whole production process of pigs and cattle (slaughtering, cutting and further production steps)
  • Capturing of all data: delivery, stable management including documentation of live animal inspection and compliance with rest periods
  • Registration of the delivery note data before delivery and supplementation with additional data such as producer identification, information from Salmonella databases and the QS system
  • All information will be linked to the respective slaughtering number
  • Capture of delivery note and ramp detection
  • Sender registration and assignment
  • Assignment of killing box and ear tag
  • Veterinary findings and processing
  • Sample management (Salmonella, BSE, etc.)
  • Internal commercial class management / customer sorting
  • Cold store control: Fully automated infeeding and outfeeding based on freely definable criteria
  • Connection of all peripheral devices (e.g. scales, label printers, mobile scanners, mobile apps) via the SLA Connector
  • Complete purchase processing incl. calculation FOM and AutoFOM
  • The entire purchasing process, including the payment of live animals to the respective farms, is also fully integrated

ERP Office Egg

The traceability of all processes including husbandry forms, sorting and the integration of packing stations is still one of the main requirements in egg production today. With our ERP solution, you are able to perform settlements with four decimal places in the cent range. Special interfaces (e.g. KAT) are taken into account, as well as the handling of small and outer packaging and raw material accounting with sorting results. In addition, farms and packing stations with their special information can be easily integrated.


Functions geared to egg production (excerpt)

  • Batch management
  • Processing of laboratory analyses
  • Delivery of raw materials with recording of delivery date, farm, customer, etc.
  • Pallet entry with all relevant data
  • Warehouse access booking via pallet ID
  • Consideration of BBD
  • Quality inspection during production
  • Capacity planning
  • Recording, evaluation and documentation of all measures carried out

ERP Office Fruits & Vegetables

With our industry-specific know-how, we ensure that the special requirements and demands in fruit and vegetable production are realized comprehensively and practically. Diverse challenges such as food safety, certificate management or traceability of product batches can be covered with SLA software in a central system.



  • Import of fruit and vegetables by shipping container
  • Incoming goods inspection with connection to GLOBALG.A.P for checking producer certificates
  • Sorting of fruit and vegetables according to quality and size
  • Support of the ripening process (booking of goods in ripening chambers)
  • Billing of external packing service providers
  • Connection of measuring devices for quality control
  • Planning of production quantities specifying certain criteria such as origin, caliber, minimum weight

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