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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

More efficiency in food production

Do you actually know how productive your production machines are and how effective your work organizations and structures are? Do you ask yourself whether there is still potential to be exploited in the entire production, in production planning or in the quality of the products? SLA-OEE knows! Get an optimal overview of loss sources by measuring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Key figures at a glance



                                  OEE is calculated by


While the machine is running - and also afterwards - valuable data can be tapped that provide information on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Usage times are recorded, sources of loss are analyzed, production parameters are monitored and compared with optimal data. The result is visualized on any end device - in real time. You thus gain the information during the ongoing production process, which the system evaluates for you with regard to the optimized overall equipment effectiveness: Your database for increasing productivity.

You have the option of determining OEE data either at one or more machines individually or in the context of the entire production process and thus including the machines, employees and work organization. In this case, the data of all machines is collected, integrated into the existing ERP infrastructure and combined to form a comprehensive OEE calculation, extended, for example, by the order data from the ERP system. The result is a networked, highly efficient overall solution along all production processes, in which the interdependencies between upstream and downstream processes as well as between materials, machines, employees and departments become visible - again in real time.

That makes SLA-OEE special

The SLA-OEE module is linked to the existing ERP system - no matter which one you use - via the unique SLA Connector. This ensures that data from resource planning is linked to the data provided by the machines. There are no limits to the SLA-OEE module: Every machine can be connected via the SLA Smart-Box, regardless of the existence of a PLC. On a live cockpit, the data is clearly visualized and set screws with the greatest need for optimization are visible. At the end of the day you know exactly what effects an improvement measure would have and how it would affect the entire process. 


Simple fault recording

For a quick response

Understand the interrelationships of collected data and learn all the background information about performance, availability and quality in your production. The reasons for malfunctions can be recorded directly at the machine using an app and web-based system (e.g. "Waiting for material") or are provided via real-time communication with the machine (e.g. "Compressed air shortage").

The fault recording provides information on the following questions:

  1. When and why does it come to a standstill?  
  2. At what speed do the machines work at what times?
  3. Does the early shift work as effectively as the late shift?
  4. ...

Convert the information into knowledge and use this knowledge to increase the efficiency of your production.

Because simply MORE is in it

Ideal production with SLA-OEE

  • Access to reliable data
  • Transparency of the production process
  • Analysis of losses of effectiveness
  • Reflection of work organisations
  • Increase in capacity utilisation
  • Reduction of unit costs
  • Better decision making
  • Ongoing improvements
  • Mobility on any device

Real insights

Article in Fleischwirtschaft 10-2019 (german language)
Article in Asian Meat Magazine 06-2022

I’m interested in your OEE-Management!

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