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RFID in the food industry:

Smart labels for smarter productions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), also known as the transponder technology, plays a decisive function in the modern production and logistics process: Via electromagnetic radio waves, each object can be automatically identified and tracked. Using small chips, the so-called smart labels, which are attached e.g. to iBoxes, information about the contents of the box can be called up at any time. Thus, it is always known where which box with which content is located.

The decisive advantage over conventional barcodes: While the barcodes are a rigid information system, the transponder technology allows all information to be changed during the running process.

These are your benefits:

  • In logistics: Smart labels, for example, simplify the pallet tracking or assist in the automatic booking of goods receipt and goods issue.
  • In production: Important data for further processing can be given to the production article in every production step, so that always the correct parameters are automatically available in the subsequent production step.
  • In maintenance: To support the maintenance technicians and their work processes. On the machines, the maintenance staff can scan the RFID chip and receive the necessary maintenance parameters and information. In addition, the maintenance performed by the installer can be documented completely.
  • In the automotive industry: detection, location and monitoring of vehicles, speed measurements and timekeeping.


Full Service for RFID

With SLA at your side, you get the RFID solution you need to optimize your processes to the highest level. We advise you comprehensively, develop an individual concept and integrate it into your existing process chain. All from one hand.


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