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Device Connect

Machine data always in view!

Reliably recorded machine data provide an optimal basis for reflecting production processes and optimizing them with regard to set production targets. Device Connect stands for smart production machines - intelligently networked and integrated. 


Modular structure

Smart and modular, our Device Connect solution is divided into several levels that build on each other.

The combination of monitoring, management and networking with the ERP system ensures that data is collected, made available at the necessary locations and ultimately determines the quality of your production.


Networking with the SLA Smart-Box

The first step for effective monitoring is networking with the SLA Smart-Box, which makes the relevant machines network-capable so that they can be monitored and controlled. 

The machines are integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and networked with all important system components (temperature sensor, scales, etc.). 



Data acquisition at the machine

The data recorded in real time during the machine run are visualized on all end devices. So feel free to take a look inside your machine without having to stop or open it.

You don't even have to be on site, because all data can be easily accessed on the road or in the office. 



Monitoring & Visualization

Which parameters are recorded during the machine run depends on your machines and requirements. The parameters are freely configurable, for example: temperature, weight, rotations. In addition, you know at all times how long a program is running and when a machine is available for the next product.

All collected data are visualized live and stored so that past machine runs can also be viewed retrospectively. This ensures transparency - even after the end of production. 



Program Management

Central program management enables programs to be easily adapted and optimized. This is possible on one machine, but also on several machines at the same time - across locations! Manual entries at the machine itself are eliminated and thus also the susceptibility to errors. 

In addition, all programs (including existing ones) can be changed as quickly as required, depending on the production order - no matter where, no matter when! Access protection functions with login and password ensure that only authorized persons can manage the programs. 



Integration into ERP-System

The fifth level ensures direct communication with the ERP system or warehouse management. Here, there are no limits to the desired interfaces.

On the basis of this networking, the recorded production and machine data can be linked with the production orders from the ERP system - for example, for automatic, recipe-based material flow control.

The many advantages

  • Connection for all machines and systems
  • Connection to any ERP system
  • Secure data acquisition
  • Overview and control of machine running times, freely configurable parameters and program data
  • Creation of individual dashboards
  • Notifications in case of deviations
  • Use of any devices such as smartphone, tablet and computer through web browser access
  • Storage of data for transparency and traceability
  • Elimination of manual errors

Are you a producer of goods?

Do you have machines in your production that you want to make network-compatible and integrate? You want to collect and visualize machine and production data and manage the various programs? We are familiar with interfaces to many different machines and are experts when it comes to effectively harnessing high volumes of data.

Feel free to contact us and we will talk about the digital possibilities in your production.

Are you a machine manufacturer?

Are you a manufacturer of machines and systems and would like to pave the way to digitization for your customers? With our Device Connect solution, each of your manufactured machines becomes smart. As smart as your customers want it to be. 

Contact us and we will show you the digital added value in combination with your machine for your customers.

Henneken made it digital!

Our partner Henneken is already convinced and successfully uses the Device Connect solution in tumblers, injectors and lacemixers. The solution ensures, for example, that the weight and revolutions of a tumbler can be visualized, machine runs and production orders can be linked, programs can be centrally imported to the respective machines, and communication can take place directly with ERP or warehouse management. 

Henneken's customers in the meat industry thus benefit from many digital added values. 

Simply download all the information:


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