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The Device Management & Monitoring from SLA:


With the SLA tool Device Management & Monitoring, the wish to network your production and logistics efficiently and integrate all food production machines in such a way that they can be centrally controlled and monitored, becomes reality. With the intelligent linkage of shopfloor and topfloor, you create a permanent basis for the accessing of all relevant business information and converting them into valuable knowledge.



We have developed our Industry 4.0 total solution to make the workflows in food productions even more efficient. In addition to the networking of the entire shopfloor, the monitoring of all integrated machine data is in the foreground: While injectors, tumblers, brine mixers and other machines automatically request goods from the warehouse and get filled via tilting stations, they permanently exchange data with the Warehouse Management System - the SLA Device Monitor provides you the necessary overview. While the machine is running - and also afterwards - production parameters can be monitored and visualized on any mobile device. Process data will be linked in real time with the existing batch data in quality management, so that the traceability of food is guaranteed: Your plus in food safety and risk minimization!


For your safety:

the virtual private cloud

To ensure that all captured production and machine data are available to all parties involved in the process at any time and at any place, they will be stored web-based and anonymized in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). A VPC has the advantage to keeping your company's data isolated and centrally manageable. Only you decide which users are allowed to reach the cloud resources. This ensures a high stability in data security. The benefits of the VPC are enormous: By making data available to a defined group on a web-based and cross-company basis, the collaboration for example with customers, partners and suppliers gets much easier. If, for example, the manufacturer can access certain machine data, the predictive maintenance is possible.


I’m interested in your Device Management & Monitoring!

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