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Web Applications from SLA:

fast access to all current data

With a web application from SLA you create a clear interface for widely branched data streams. We develop and implement web applications according to your individual requirements. Tell us which data you are most interested in and who you would like to make it accessible to. We take care of the rest.


For example: The web application for the Austrian Meat Control (ÖFK)

As a neutral organization in Austria, the ÖFK monitors compliance with legal regulations. Its aim is to make meat production in Austria safer through complete control and to preserve the interests of all those involved in the process (including more than 75 affiliated slaughterhouses).

The web application links all slaughterhouses to a central platform - the basis for a nationwide inspection of slaughtered animals and meat. The principle is simple: at the end of a slaughter day, all slaughter and classification data are transferred from the companies to the ÖFK headquarters. All participants have a full overview of this data at all times via a web application.

The advantages: avoidance of double data entry, higher data quality, time- and cost-saving design of internal processes, reliable traceability.

For example: The web application GLOBALG.A.P.

GLOBALG.A.P. is an internet-based certification platform used in 178 countries for consumer protection, data security and the optimization of the working environment. It is primarily used for the certification of agricultural products by testing institutes. This information is used by producers, wholesalers, retail chains, retailers and consumers. The platform enables all certificates to be read, documented and read out.

The bookmarking concept was developed to ensure an overview of the enormous amount of data: Each member receives only his certification data from GLOBALG.A.P. and provides bookmarks for his customers with his GGN. Only the respective customers have access to the bookmarks and can view the information.

The certification of farmers gives wholesalers and retailers confidence in the goods they order. Uncertified goods are automatically rejected - this increases food safety!

I’m interested in your web applications!

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