MEAT – Inspection

One step ahead in meat inspection

With our software add-on, you are ideally prepared for the introduction of visual meat inspection. From delivery to stable and bay management, from anaesthaesia to recording, analysing and documenting measures taken, you have everything under control.

Our mobile version gives you all the freedom of movement you need. With the report generator you can fulfil your obligations to the authorities. Lucid diagrams make the documentation of your data transparent.

Even more security with MIS

Our Meat Integrity Solution (MIS) system was especially developed to secure documented data against manipulation. All information is saved in encrypted form on a server and external access is impossible.

Data security is simply important to us!

„In accordance with meat laws, we can securely store all classification data without extra cost or effort.“
Klaus-Dieter Fuchs, CEO, Klaus-Dieter Fuchs GmbH

„Over the past two years, we have examined all of our processes, and together with SLA we have made them more efficient.“

Nikolaus Brand, CEO, Brand Qualitätsfleisch GmbH & Co. KG
„With this solutions, we are improving the trust-based cooperation with our suppliers and producers.“
Klaus-Dieter Fuchs, CEO, Klaus-Dieter Fuchs GmbH



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