GREEN – Internet of things

When devices become “smart”

The “Internet of Things” is no longer “the next big thing”; it is now part of our everyday working life.

The “Internet of Things”, or IoT, is all about the trend to replace PCs with “smart devices”. It’s not just smartpones and tablets here, it’s everyday devices that are being equipped with processors, sensors and networking technology. It’s all about gathering data and making data available for further use. For us, this is one of the great challenges of our modern society.

For us, and therefore for you, the use of IoT technology means solutions that are close to the customer and up-to-date; solutions that are affordable, powerful and extensible. Join us as we move into the future.

„SLA’s solutions are armed to face the future and the challenges it will bring.“
Johannes Pfeiffer, Head of Sales, Schmitz GmbH
„Industry 4.0, digitalisation, the future: I am sure that they can do this.“
Salvador Garcia, Project Manager, Steinhaus GmbH



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