Green — the colour of creative, innovative solutions

The digital future is calling — and we want to play an active role in shaping it. The pioneer spirit and enthusiasm for the challenges ahead have been a part of our DNA from the very beginning. “GREEN” represents everything we have developed for the future along with the things we still want to develop.

With all of our experience, our expertise and our ideas, and working together with our customers, we want to keep on developing products that exactly match what the market imagines — or even to create something that goes beyond this.

Our intuition and the talent for quickly recognising trends and needs are the product of close cooperation with our customers.

This is how science fiction becomes reality.

„The cooperation as a partnership has produced outstanding results.“
Wolfram Weinert, Operations Manager, Vion Emstek GmbH
„SLA’s solutions fulfil our demanding requirements and are characterised by outstanding user-friendliness.“
Jürgen Kolbeck, Project Manager, SGS Germany GmbH



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