WEB APPLICATIONS – Producer Certification

Farmers under the microscope

Lamb from New Zealand and asparagus from Peru In this era of expanding globalisation, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation GLOBALG.A.P. (G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice), we have developed a database containing the data of around 140,000 certified farmers all over the world. New entries are being added every year. The database provides information on products, production spaces, the number of livestock held and the fulfilment of standards.
Sourcing data from around 130 testing institues worldwide, it is used by producers, retail chains and consumers.

Global transparency and security made by SLA

„This transparency even generates confidence and trust when there are deviations, because one can provide an appropriate explanation.“
Andreas Steinemann, Organisation, Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG
„This classification and data collection software has simplified many things.“
Dr. Andreas Moser, Executive Director, Österreichische Fleischkontrolle GmbH



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