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rfidIn case you didn’t know, RFID is the abbreviation for “Radio Frequency Identification”. In simple terms, the system makes contactless reading and storing of data possible.

There is no end to the possible applications for goods of any kind, for animals and even for people. An RFID system consists primarily of a transponder and a reader. The transponder contains a microchip, an antenna, some sort of carrier or housing, and sometimes an energy source. It is mounted similar to an adhesive label or a plastic card. The chip contains a numerical code with encrypted information. This provides it with a unique identity that it uses when transmitting its information to the reader.

RFID is an absolute gift to your production and logistics chain. Everything becomes quicker, simpler, and more secure. And as-yet-unimagined possibilities present themselves.

„With the use of RFID technology, BMR has achieved 100-percent traceability for all product components throughout the process chain.“
Peter Moormann, CEO, BMR Schlachthof Garrel GmbH
„SLA combines process expertise from the industry with RFID technologies,, bringing the SAP system to the production facility with robust touch terminals.“
Jürgen Benner, Operations Manager, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG



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