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SLA knows SAP

You have been using SAP from the very beginning and don’t want to move away from this standard? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do without our SLA solutions, because they can be completely integrated in SAP without problems. And this is not just because of our SAP certification.

SLA solutions extend your service spectrum. From special industry solutions to the robust SLA industrial PC with touch screen and the SLA Connector that makes everything work together — we are your single source.

Where other service providers in the SAP world stop, we are just beginning.


“SAP needs a translator. The translator’s name is SLA.”

Bert Mutsaers, Managing Director, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG

“From allergens to ingredients, the SLA MasterManager allows us to record and maintain all key data in line with the SAP standard.”

Carsten Leiber, Commercial Director, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG

“The automation means that processes are completed more quickly and the error rate from manual data entry is lower.”

Frank Hörnschemeyer, Head of IT, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG

“Whilst SAP’s ERP solution does a good job of fulfilling the global requirements of our service specification, SLA takes care of adaptation and the fine-tuning of processes in production and logistics.”

Frank Hörnschemeyer, Head of IT, Bedford GmbH + Co. KG



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