The 5 best reasons for choosing SLA

grund1 We are there for you. Around the clock.

grund2 We understand your goals and needs.

grund3 We know exactly what we are doing.

grund4 We respond to the industry rapidly and innovatively.

grund5 We keep our promises — and that’s a promise!

These are just 5 of many reasons. Our customers are already convinced.

“We don’t often make use of the 24/7 service, but whenever there was a need, there was always someone there to help. We are very satisfied with the advice given. We told SLA what we wanted, and SLA implemented it well.”
Frank Bahlmann, Information Technology, Rügenwalder Mühle Carl Müller GmbH & Co. KG
„Everything is working so well with SLA that we are now planning more.“
Thorsten Blasius, CEO, Bratzler & Co. GmbH
“SLA’s solutions are definitely more flexible and better adjusted to new requirements than, for example, those of SAP.”
H.-Joachim Scheiter, CEO, Metten Fleischwaren GmbH & Co. KG
“I am very satisfied with the advice. The right solutions were identified. They always have an open ear, they make time, and they help immediately.”
Johannes Pfeiffer, Head of Sales, Schmitz GmbH
“Somebody is always reachable — somebody who knows exactly what needs to be done.”
Josef Tummel, CEO, Heinz Tummel GmbH & Co. KG
“They are always in touch with the times at SLA. They know what the market is demanding and they always make appropriate solutions available quickly.”
Michael Prophel, IT Manager, Sprehe Geflügel- und Tiefkühlfeinkost Handels GmbH & Co. KG
“The price-performance ratio is spot on.”
Rudolf Großfurtner, CEO, Rudolf Großfurtner GmbH
“Industry 4.0, digitalisation, the future: I am certain that they are capable.”
Salvador Garcia, Project Manager, Steinhaus GmbH
„SAP needs a translator. The translator’s name is SLA.“
Bert Mutsaers, CEO, Bedford GmbH & Co. KG



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