MEAT – Processing

Three-star software


A successful recipe depends on good ingredients and also on the skill and know-how of the chef.

When it comes to processing, our SLA software does what is expected: it satisfies your expectations in terms of quality. Production planning and recipe management, lot management taking shelf life into consideration and in-production quality control are as much part of the process as capacity planning and monitoring everything in a smoking and boiling cockpit.

We hope you enjoy it.

„Ultimately, the software even allows us to see how well we have done at achieving our own targets. Targets such as less offcuts, less loss of weight for smoking — and more freshness.“
Ralf Lenger, Head of IT, Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG
„Numerous highly complex processes are managed and documented here. Without genuinely comprehensive software, this would not be possible any more today.“
Andreas Steinemann, Organisation, Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG

„We are very satisfied with SLA’s rapid and secure overall solution.“

Jürgen Kolbeck, Project Manager, SGS Germany GmbH



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