MEAT – Cutting

We’ve thought of everything

All the typical processes that play a role in cutting are taken into account with our SLA software.

Flexible unit sizes, integrated production planning with target/actual comparisons and batch management that takes shelf life into consideration are all included. We integrate all or your peripheral devices, such as scales, scanners, label printers, pricing systems, RFID technology and voice-recognition equipment.

This means unbroken traceability, and at the same time the software takes care of your logistics as well as customer-specific labelling.

Advantages for you and your customers.

„With SLA ERP Office, we have achieved a high level of automation along the entire production chain, including the logistics processes.“

Peter Moormann, CEO, BMR Schlachthof Garrel GmbH

„As a customer, you get to know proven procedures and can choose the optimal processes.“

Andreas Steinemann, Organisation, Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG
„Ultimately, the software even allows us to see how well we have done at achieving our own targets. Targets such as less offcuts, less loss of weight for smoking — and more freshness.“
Ralf Lenger, Head of IT, Steinemann Holding GmbH & Co. KG



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