Hardly any other industry benefits so strongly from optimised production processes as the food industry — and in the process, it gathers a vast quantity of sensitive data. Our solutions guarantee the fulfilment of the highest quality requirements for hygiene and diligence — with transparency and traceability at all times.

How it works

Making complexity transparent at last: Dennis decodes.


Industry 4.0 is no longer just a vision: it is well and truly here now. Digitalised processes determine everyday practice in industrial production. Efficient, flexible and resource-friendly production and logistic networks are emerging. But more is possible!

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The 5 best reasons for choosing SLA

grund1 We are there for you. Around the clock.
grund2 We understand your goals and needs.
grund3 We know exactly what we are doing.


Artificial intelligence, machines that think with you, flexible factories — it sounds like industrial science fiction, but it is what we expect to deliver. Today. Every day, we are working on programmes for flexible mass production and developing the solutions of tomorrow.


What really suits you? With a little inspiration, you will easily find a tailored solution here.


About us

Hermann Grevemeyer,
Executive Board Member, CEO

“The quality of our customer service is unique in this industry. We are there beside you, ready to help at any time.”

Jörg Brezl,
Executive Board Member, CEO

“We always look to the future, asking ourselves what our customers will need tomorrow — SLA is a step ahead.”

Michael Brockschmidt,
Head of Sales

“We offer premium quality software and hardware solutions for industrial process optimisation.”