With my digital concepts for the gastronomy and hotel industry – IT, production, logistics, kitchen and service interact perfectly and fully automatically. 

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Digitized, automated and efficient organization of all kitchen processes (production, quality management, charging, picking, etc.)
Support with current challengessuch as acute staff shortages, consistent food quality, food waste and extreme fluctuations in capacity utilization
With Artificial IntelligenceForward-looking and precise Planning of staff deployment, stock of goods and menus to be cooked
Networking of kitchen facilities (e.g. Rational ovens) with the IT infrastructure monitoring of all production and machine data
With the SLA SLA kitchen and dispensing control: networking of POS system, dispensing systems and kitchen stations; Automatic and timed assignment of the dishes to be cooked to the cooks
B2B Ordering App , with which gastronomes network and mutually benefit from each other
Fully automated or manual warehouses incl. digital warehouse management and just-in-time bookings of goods and beverages
Use of RFID clips on gastro trays for digital viewing of the content on customer side via smartphone scan without having to open the tray

Film Hofbräuhaus _

HERE I AM ALREADY successfully successfully successfully IN ACTION

Through this I promise promise promise you

HERE I AM ALREADY successfully successfully successfully IN ACTION


Digitale Prozesse im Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

Matty Cooking

The digital kitchen for gastronomy partner Matty
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