Digital cattle competence center in Badbergen in Badbergen in Badbergen

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Karl-Heinz Schlegel

"The control of all sub-areas through the SLA solutions gives us a simplified insight into a highly complex plant. system. We also have an overview of current overview of the current stock levels at all times and minimize minimize the risk of a possible shortage or surplus of goods."

Efrem Gneidig Projekt Manager SLA

Efrem Gneiding
Project Manager SLA

"Authorized persons have access from anywhere in the world access to what is happening in Badbergen at any time, regardless of whether at the Tönnies home base in Rheda-Wiedenbrück Rheda-Wiedenbrück or in the home office: this creates transparency, simplifies processes and increases productivity."

With the aim of expanding the Badbergen production site, which was acquired in 2017, into a modern, highly automated and efficient beef processing center, extensive modernization work was carried out, including the installation of new logistics/storage systems. In order to integrate these into the IT infrastructure and control the logistics processes fully automatically, the Tönnies looking for a modular and flexible digital solution. 

Through the use of a fully integrated IT solution for the management and control of all warehouse and picking processes, the Requirements of the company for greater efficiency, sustainability, connectivity and performance. All components from different manufacturers are centrally networked with each other, significantly increasing the level of automation. 

And with these products it's possible:

Today, Badbergen is considered one of the most modern cattle competence centers in Europe
Networking of all existing warehouses and conveyor systems (various manufacturers) as well as several software systems with each other and the ERP system J.D. EDWARDS
Creation of a common basis for communication, to efficiently and automatically dismantle packing, storing and picking efficiently
Digital representation of the production areas, warehouses and conveyor lines as well as management and visualization of the entire flow of goods for complete transparency and traceability. traceability
Integrated Warehouse and inventory management
Autonomous crate and pallet warehouse with automated storage and retrieval, palletizing, de-palletizing and label printing based on the stored order
Individual Storage and retrieval strategies
Disassembly of 400 tons of meat per day, autonomous palletizing of 40 pallets per hour and up to hour and up to 31,200 storage cycles
Next Step: Use of SLA OEE to monitor all systems, downtimes and capacities; Early detection of malfunctions; increasing the productivity of all systems

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