Digital processes and AI at slaughterhouse
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Geschäftsführer Brand Qualtitätsfleisch Niko Brand

Niko Brand
Managing Director Brand

"With SLA, we have examined a number of processes and made them more efficient through the use of digital solutions. This enables us to continuously live up to our philosophy of transparent production operations and the highest possible product quality. Because quality is not just in our name, quality is our whole identity."

Geschäftsführer von SLA Hermann Grevemeyer

Hermann Grevemeyer

"With the openness to new technologies, innovative ideas and the constant goal of even better food production, we have been setting new standards in the industry together with Brand for almost 30 years and show what is possible with modern IT."

Brand Quality meat has been a customer of SLA for over 28 years. With IT solutions, all processes from delivery up to picking are linked, centrally controlled and highly transparent. Now it is time for the next step and the successive introduction of Artificial Intelligence. In this way, Brand will remain state-of-the-art, competitive and meet its own demands for the greatest possible transparency, product quality and animal welfare. 

With its modern IT environment and the latest use of Artificial Intelligence the slaughterhouse Brand Quality meat creates complete transparency in its production, ensures the greatest possible welfare of the animals and the highest product quality, and thus not only achieves a high level of acceptance in the industry and the public, but also among competitors and its own staff. 

And with these products it's possible:

Central control of all administrative processes, from invoicing with the farmers up to financial accounting
Complete handling of the slaughtering, deboning, production and logistics processes
integration of all technical systems, industrial peripherals and automation technology
Efficient management and controlling of all business processes
Complete documentation of all important animal and slaughter data, audit-proof data backup and transparent insight for those involved in the process - for a trusting cooperation between slaughterhouse, producers, classifiers, authorities, etc.
Industrial Computer with user-friendly touch dialogs
Artificial Intelligence:
Use of SLA CLASSIFAI® BOXES (with integrated cameras) in findings to support employees in assessing animal welfare characteristics and to detect injuries, e.g. on the tail

Use of SLA CLASSIFAI® BOXES (with integrated cameras) in the disassembly exit for automated identification of the correct cut/article and possible foreign objects. possible foreign bodies. The result is a transparent, autonomous production process that avoids incorrect sorting, improves product quality and at the same time reduces personnel deployment and training costs. Overall, this saves costs in the mid six-figure range every year.

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