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Michael Budde
Managing Director NLW

"With the intuitive ANW Stallprofi app, we have been able to banish paper and pen, avoid duplicate and incorrect information, save time and above all: make processes more automated and efficient. An important step towards digitalization for the agricultural industry in our region."

Ivana Tancheva
Software Engineer SLA

"With our standardized interfaces to various data sources, we were able to set up the ANW platform within a very short time. Supplemented with individual features, a tailor-made web/app solution was created that runs on all end devices."

The NLW wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit vier Erzeugergemeinschaften  gegründet, um Landwirte in ihren betriebswirtschaftlichen Prozessen (Ein- und Ausstallungen, Schlachtdaten und -abrechnungen, Futterdaten, Stallbilanzen, etc.)  zu unterstützen. Damit die Daten effizient ausgewertet werden können, ist es notwendig, diese aus verschiedenen Quellen zu erfassen und zentral zusammenzuführen. Was noch vor wenigen Jahren via E-Mails, Telefonaten, Fax und Excel passierte, soll heute mithilfe von SLA digital und nutzerfreundlich anwendbar sein. 

With the individually developed Web/App platform ANW Stallprofi werden alle benötigten Daten schnell und einfach digital erfasst, gesammelt, übertragen und dadurch in wenigen Schritten eine umfassende und zuverlässige Auswertung ermöglicht. 

And with these products it's possible:
Use of the platform at over 700 operating sites
Protected access for farmers to their individual area with full control and transparency over the data they entered
In just a few seconds: Recording of e.g. animal arrivals, animal departures (losses / sales / relocations / slaughter), feed deliveries or operating costs - using predefined fields
High time savings and no more duplication of work thanks to one-time, digital data transfer
Collection and retrieval of information on any end device (tablet, PC or smartphone via the ANW Stallprofi app)
Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces
On- and offline-functionality
Automated interfaces directly transfer feed deliveries, slaughter data with account, animal deliveries and report into the HIT-DB and TAM-DB
Fast generating and providing of evaluations by NLW in order to be able to derive concrete decisions for further production (fattening evaluation, slaughter evaluation, economic evaluations, etc.) or in order to compare with other farms and thus to be able to make adjustments to increase productivity, if necessary.
Central notification of new information directly in the app

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