SLA stands for:

Super exciting projects,
Love and passion for technology and
A team that always sticks together. 

This is how 100% of our employees answer when asked about it. Because we love our job, our industry, what we do every day. 

And with this spirit and as an expert in digitalization, we accompany our customers from the food industry and gastronomy into a digital future. With innovative IT solutions and services, tailored to the individual needs of our customers, we optimize all processes in production and logistics and make them more efficient. Where other systems have their limits, we start and enable high-quality digitalization, networking and automation.

In addition to RFID-and robotics-integration, our service portfolio includes Artificial Intelligence, mobile App-and Web-Applications, Business Intelligence tools and other self-developed software and hardware solutions for process optimization. In this way, we actively support the improvement of global values such as transparency, traceability, sustainability and animal welfare.

With a flair for innovation and passion for progress, our more than 80 employees have already implemented digital concepts for over 450 customers around the world. In an industry that is just bubbling with dynamism, growth and variety. In a team that always sticks together and supports each other. 

We are the IT partner that speaks the language of the industry. Who not only understands the technology, but also the people for whom it is made. Who listens and finds exactly the IT solution that suits the customer. And who is always there. 24 hours, day after day.

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