I take care of the integration, control and comprehensive controlling of all your machines - regardless of the manufacturer or model. 

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Networking of all machines with each other, the with any ERP system (SLA, SAP, Microsoft, etc.), the warehouse management and other relevant systems. Thereby linking other relevant systems. 

Thereby linkage With production orders fully automatic actions automatic material flow control. 

Capture Visualization and Storage of all during of the Data accruing during machine operation, e.g. program run, Temperature, weight, Revolutions, Running time, etc. 

More Transparency, Control and efficiency in the production process 

Machine data in in real time, from the road any device retrievable 

Machine data in for perfect basis for the reflection of production processes and optimization of set Production targets 

Central and cross-site program management of a specific machine or several machines at the same time


HERE I AM ALREADY successfully successfully successfully IN ACTION

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HERE I AM ALREADY successfully successfully successfully IN ACTION

Kupfer & Sohn

Increased efficiency through digitalization at Food entrepreneur Hans Kupfer & Sohn

Coporation Group

Smart Factory at poultry producer Laemthong Corporation Group
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