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Erich Hauser
Managing Director Matty

"Especially in a menu factory, everything has to be optimally coordinated. With SLA, our requirements were converted into an ingenious, digital solution that gives us completely new scope for action."

Jörg Brezl
Managing Director SLA

"Business models of the future such as the "digital ghost kitchen" result from the fact that data becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes the central factor. Knowledge in combination with digitalization strategies then makes it possible to save energy and costs, to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner and to make processes more flexible and reliable."

In order to support the gastronomy and hotel industry, especially (but not only) in tourist regions with their challenges such as staff shortages, consistent food quality and extreme fluctuations in occupancy, Matty supplies them with fresh, high-quality menus or individual components for their guests every day. To ensure that all dishes ordered can be delivered in the right quantity and at the right time, digital support is required. 

By creating a modern software and hardware environment in Matty konnte die Menümanufaktur neue Maßstäbe setzen, indem sie die Küchenprozesse (Produktion, Qualitätsmanagement, Chargierung, Kommissionierung) digital auflöst und jeweils einzeln effizient steuert und managed. So ist Matty in der Lage, mit minimalem Personaleinsatz die Anforderungen ihrer Kunden hinsichtlich Pünktlichkeit, Frische und gleichbleibender Qualität zu jeder Zeit zu garantieren. 

And with these products it's possible:

By equalizing and digitally controlling the individual kitchen processes, Matty has not only professionalized and standardized them, but is also able to offer their employees a high-quality workplace with a focus on their individual strengths and family-friendly working hours. Unlike usual in gastronomy, where today almost everything still happens analogously and a chef is usually equally responsible for all processes. 

Central management of all items, master data, recipes, production orders, etc.
Complete shopfloor integration (goods receipt and goods issue, production entry and exit, picking, storage, etc.)
Networking of the kitchen systems (e.g. Rational ovens) with the IT infrastructure
Complete monitoring of all production and kitchen system data
Industrial Computer with user-friendly touch dialogs
Mobile App for Matty customers to order complete dishes or individual components for specific days or several weeks in just a few clicks
Networking of the App with the ERP system for a daily overview of all orders and a forward-looking production planning
Integrated warehouse management for an overview of the current inventory and all storage movements
Mobile App for a paper-free delivery management (digital delivery note transfer, adjustments directly in the app, real-time linking with the ERP, etc.)
Use of RFID clips on gastro trays of finished components for digital viewing of the content on customer side via smartphone scan without having to open the trays
Implementation of flexible solutions and tailor-made products, individually adapted to each Matty customer
Reproducibility and always the same high quality of all products
Always the same product preparation of the menus and components, creating a feeling of familiarity, making work easier and reducing stress for the customer's cooks
Productivity increases at the customer despite the same staff deployment and possible increase in the number of guests
Opportunity for customers use their capital more sensibly: instead of investing in new staff or kitchen machines, for example, in equipping guest rooms, hotel rooms or the spa area. spa area - in other words, where guests can derive added value for themselves.

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