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"GLOBALG.A.P. and SLA share the same philosophy. Together we are pursuing the global goal of assuring the origin and quality of food. Therefore, we highly appreciate the cooperation and SLA in their role as a reliable partner for the conception, realization and maintenance of our global internet platform."

Marco Roth Software Engineer bei SLA

Marco Roth
Software Engineer SLA

"The Web Application is based on a modern microservice architecture and consists of individual, scalable services that run in a virtualized cloud environment. This guarantees high performance of the platform at all times, even at maximum capacity."

The growing global public demand for more food safety and animal welfare has motivated GLOBALG.A.P. dazu veranlasst, eine digitale Zertifizierungsplattform ins Leben zu rufen, die weltweit Erzeuger in jährlichen Audits zertifiziert und damit sicherstellt, dass diese sozial und ökologisch verantwortungsvoll produzieren. Für die Realisierung der Plattform war GLOBALG.A.P auf der Suche nach einem erfahrenen IT-Partner für die technische Beratung, Entwicklung und den dauerhaften Support. 

A certification platform based on the latest technical standards was developed with an own SLA project group made up of developers, project managers and support employees. Since then, the team has been working regularly with GLOBALG.A.P. to update, expand and continuously support the platform. 

And with these products it's possible:

With its modern, digital platform GLOBALG.A.P. is now the world's leading standard for agricultural business management and thus ensures fair, sustainable and transparent food production. 

Digital platform with uniform standards for certifying global producers in annual audits (reading in, documenting and reading out certificates)
Active in 180 countries
220,000 producers and 5,000 producer groups worldwide with 89,500 active certificates
In Germany alone, more than 5,500 active producers and producer groups
More than 2,500 auditors and 140 independent testing institutes
Each producer receives a unique GLOBALG.A.P number (GGN) for identification. Under this number, information is stored about the products, production area, the number of animals kept and compliance with standards
Use of the information by producers, wholesalers, chain stores, retailers and consumers
Retail users include: Aldi Nord and Süd, Edeka, Kaufland, Walmart, Jumbo, McDonalds and many more
By certifying the farmers, the trade gains confidence in the goods ordered and, conversely, the producer gains appreciation for his products and brands

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